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Filing official paperwork

April 18th, 2016.

Originally outlined with her mother as her high school graduation Capstone Project, Madison’s (Founder and CEO) ideas blossomed and quickly became a reality. The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc. began in April of 2016 and facilitates programs for youth, young adults and their families that develop personal growth and self-advocacy while fostering strength, hope and joy.

Madison’s passion for helping others comes from her own personal story of suffering from a rare terminal disease.  After having her first surgery at 2 weeks old, it took 57 specialists, four misdiagnosis and 16 years for the doctors to finally diagnosis her with an extremely rare disease called Mucolipodosis 11/111.  Over the years while dealing with the many doctor appointments, multiple surgeries and hospital stays, Madison began discovering self-advocacy for youth in the medical field was almost frowned upon. Moreover there was a huge void in hospital treatment plans for young adults with a chronic illness.  Believing that from a void, a great idea can arise, The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc. began.